Tomorrow’s Monday 17 December 2001!

That means I will be leaving tomorrow. For Australia! I still haven’t really realised we’re going. I have done most of my packing. It felt weird to pack t-shirts and such. And the bathing suit. Hooha! I am going to wonderful summer! I’m leaving the fucking winter! Feels even better after falling and hurting my leg on the ice today. I so hate Norwegian winter! And I am so happy we’re leaving it behind… if only for a few weeks.

We will be back in Norway 10 January next year (Hah! Next year! That sounds weird!), but I might be able to leave a note in here from time to time. I can’t promise anything, depends on wether I will be at a computer in any way….

The cab will be here about two-ish tomorrow. We will arrive in Bangkok Tuesday afternoon, and will stay there for almost three days (two nights included in the ticket). After that we will arrive in Sydney on 21 December. We will stay there for a few days, before we rent a car, and will use the coming time to drive up to Cairns.

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