Last day in Sydney

Need an update here, if for nothing else, so for myself to keep a track on time.


Had a walk down to the city centre, and saw the Opera House for the first time. It wasn’t as big as I had expected. To get there, we walked through the Royal Botanic Gardens, which were nice. We saw a bunch of flying foxes (huge, fox like bats) there. Kind of cool, but they seem to be a problem in general, destroying trees and such… We had lunch at a nice pavement cafe thingy, and then we went shopping. I badly needed a new pair of sandals, as the old ones were killing me (giving me a bunch of blisters). In the evening we went to Bondi Beach. It was very nice. We had dinner there as well.


We had a very relaxing day at Manly Beach. It was a bit cold, though, as it was blowing, and a bit cloudy. It was nice to take it easy, though…


That’s today… We went by the car we have rented to Blue Mountains. Very beautiful! The scenery was amazing! It’s not really a place you can describe with words, you just have to see it. When we got back to the hotel, I didn’t feel well, and had a nap. While the others went to have dinner, I stayed in the room and watched some TV, and then later came down here to the Internet cafe.


We are heading north to Newcastle tomorrow, where we will be spending Yule Eve. It will be a bit weird, my first Yule Eve, not celebrating and opening gifts. It will be nice though.

Even though I find it weird to be in a place where it’s sunny and warm in December, I am enjoying it very much. It doesn’t feel like December, and definitely not like it’s almost Yule. But, it’s so nice and relaxing! Yay!