And so, life goes on…

I have been meaning to write so many things, but I’m a busy woman, as always, and I don’t always feel like writing here… But there are some things…

Granddad’s funeral

I went to mum’s the day before the actual funeral. I had gotten the Friday off from work (paied), and we left fairly early for Hamar. On our way there we were terrorized by a truck, which was pretty scary, but we arrived at the church in one piece. It was strange to see some of my family again, some I recognised and some not. The service was nice, and there were so many nice words. He was a good and honest man, my granddad.

After the service there was a lunch/food/coffee thingy, and I don’t know what it’s called in English, but you gather after the funeral somewhere to have speeches and eat and stuff. You can’t really call it a party, as it’s not, and no one is really invited. Anyway, the food was nice, and all, but I felt a bit out of place. They’re so different from me…

My dad was at the funeral, even though he and my mum are divorced (since 1994 or 1995, I’m not quite sure when). But as my dad said, he liked my granddad, he was an interesting man to discuss things with, so actually attended the funeral because of the relationship they had had. Which I totally understand. I was glad he was there.

Coming out to my dad

My dad actually gave me a ride home after the funeral. A little while after we had left the others, I said: “Yeah… Uhm… I’m in a relationship.” (Or rather “Jeg har en kjæreste”, but that doesn’t really translate, as “kjæreeste” is gender neutral and means girlfriend/boyfriend, so I said “I have a girlfriend”, only not stating the gender). And he said, yes, I heard you said so (I had told my cousin, but not said anything about gender to her, only that “it’s new…”). I replied “It’s a girl.” “A girl?” he replied, kind of puzzled, and I said “Yes.” And he said “Oh, OK.” And that was pretty much it.

We did talk a bit about it, because I wanted to make sure he was fine with it, and he was. He said he didn’t mind and that he wasn’t really surprised.

Have I told you I have the best dad ever? 😉

Girlfriend stuff

A while back, my girlfriend and I broke up. Or, she broke up with me. I was sad, but not completely heartbroken, as I hadn’t had the time to get really attached to her. She told me she didn’t have the right feelings, and felt it was wrong to continue. I’m not getting into more details here, it’s between her and I.

I did a lot of thinking after that, and after a bit I realised it was probably the right thing for her to do. I don’t think we would have lasted anyway. We were just too different. And even though we did have some what I call “common ground”, there was not much else. And, to be honest, she’s probably not the right person for me. I’m an academic, and I need an academic partner. Someone who thinks and speak the same language as I do…

I’m currently reading…

One of the books I’m currently reading (yes, I do read more than one book at the time) is The Lovely Bones written by Alice Sebold. This novel is about a girl named Susie Salmon, who was killed at the age fourteen. The book is written from her point of view, from heaven, and we see how her family tries to deal with her death, as well as the community where she lived. I love it so far, and I recommend it!

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