I have been to London (again)!

London was, in short, fab. As always.

16 May

Left for Torp airport right after work. The trip there wasn’t too bad, I slept quite a bit, and managed to arrive before the check in had even started. After a bit of waiting, I was able to get my boarding card and go through security.

I must say the whole fluids rule to me seems pretty pointless. You put the stuff in a plastic bag, but once you have gone through security you can very well open the bag and take the stuff out. Am I the only one who really don’t get this? I mean, c’mon! What difference does it make? *shakes head*

Had (expensive) dinner at the airport. Not exactly a whoohoo sort of meal, but better than nothing.

And then I was off. We landed at Stanstead 20 minutes ahead of schedule, I found the Terravision ticket booth, got my return ticked, jumped on the bus, that took me to London. Alas, they had not thought it might have been a good idea to announce the stops, so me thinking it was a direct bus to Victoria, jumped off the bus, and realised a tad bit too late that I was not at Victoria at all, but at Liverpool street! Not happy, it being in the middle of the night and all. Fortunately, thanks to the nice man working for Terravision (ticket sale), he managed to get me a bus ride with an other bus, not having to pay anything extra, and hence managed to get to Victoria safe and sound. I even managed to find my hotel without any hassle, it was just a short walk from the station.

17 May

Woke up quite early, and headed for Victoria where I went to do some shopping at Lush and such things. Then I got a message from , who was frantically busy at work and couldn’t make lunch, so I found a pub inside the station and had a really yummy meal, before taking care of some business, and then headed to the Natural History Museum. I had decided on walking there, and managed to take quite a fe detours, before I finally got there.

I walked around the museum looking for the bookcrossing bookshelf, and it took me quite a bit of time, effort and asking for directions before I finally managed to find it. I left a book there and picked up a book, that I’m actually reading. I’m taking a break from it at the moment, as there’s another book I really have to read first (one that has a waiting list at the library). While there I did have a bit of a look around, though, and even built my own arachne. *giggles* I probably should go back to that museum at some point, I really kind of liked it!

After I was done at the museum, I headed for Waterloo and probably what I would call the easiest found bookcrossing zone. So many books! Alas, I picked up a book I quickly found out was not my cup of tea at all, so I set it free the next day, but I didn’t know that at the point. I dropped a book there too.

Then headed to Kensington, where I knew I could find an Internet café, where I spent an hour doing Internet stuff before going back to Victoria.

Taking the underground back to the hotel was fun, I had to struggle not to laugh out loud each time I heard “Please, mind the gap!” London really isn’t quite the same after Neverwhere. Thank you, Mr Gaiman! 😉

Stopped by the local pub for fish and chips on my way back to the hotel, and had that for dinner. Had a bit of rest at the hotel after that, before I headed for Camden.

Camden was pretty much deserted. Not many people, but I had a nice walk. Strolled around and looked for a place called the Black Cap, which I’d been told would be a nice place to visit. Alas, I had no address, and hadn’t thought of looking it up, so I had no idea where it was. Oh well, didn’t find it, so I went back to Victoria. Didn’t do much, but read for a bit before I had an early night, which actually was quite nice.

18 May

Woke up slightly early, and headed to Starbucks for breakfast before heading for Bethnal Green. I was supposed to visit a OBCZ there, but it turned out to open 4, and not noon as stated on the homepage, and since there really isn’t much to do in Bethnal Green, I headed back to the centre of London. I decided to do “London on a whim” and jumped off the tube at some random station. Had a walk, and found a small park where I had my coffee and a rest. It was actually quite nice, and the weather was wonderful too.

After that I had a walk to Covent Garden, where I looked at the Seven Dials, and had lunch at the Nags Head, where I left a bookcrossing book.

With my tummy full of food I went back to the hotel to have a rest and freshen up. Then I headed back to the city centre, spent an hour at an Internet café before meeting up with people at the Ben Crouch Tavern. The first one I met was Pogodragon, who fortunately reognised me. The pub was very full of people! After a bit Tallarn arrived, whom I found outside looking for people. Not long after Missyk8 turned up, and then Poggs, LadyCat, Littleangel_103 and Nniaa. It was great to see them! After a bit LadyCat’s partner Midwich Cuckoo turned up too. I had a fab time, even though the pub was crowded. It was really good to meet you all!

After a bit Missyk8 deserted us, as it was just too crowded for her, I think. I don’t blame her. After a bit we left Poggs and Nniaa, as we needed food (sorry peeps, wish I had more time to talk to you… Next time, I promise!). Littleangel_103 seemed quite knackered, so she and Tallarn decided to head home, while Pogodragon, LadyCat, Midwich Cuckoo and I had a wonderful meal at an Indian restaurant. I had a really nice time at the restaurant, the company was most excellent!

When everybody were full of food, we headed for Soho. Thanks to Midwich Cuckoo for showing me the “lesbian” pub… Interesting enough, it was full of gay men. Not that I mind, but where were all the girls? 😉 After a drink outside Nellie Dean of Soho, neighbour of Candy Bar, we headed home, all four, and while Pogodragon headed in one direction, LadyCat and Midwich Cuckoo kept me company on the tube until I reached Victoria!

Fortunately I had already packed, so I pretty much just straight to bed.

19 May

Woke up at 1.30 am (yes, in the morning), had a shower and got ready to go. Checked out of the hotel and went to the bus stop. The bus left on time, and I slept through most of the trip to the airport.

I had no idea an airport could be so busy at 4.30 am, but it was! Was happy to have checked in and gone through security, and after buying tax free wine (3 bottles @ £15 total, not too bad for decent wine), I had some Starbucks breakfast. Got on the plane, chatted with the elderly American gentleman who sat beside me, and arrived at Torp 15 minutes ahead of schedule, which made me get an earlier bus. Very nice!

So, here ends my tale of my short trip to London. I miss it already!

Here are some photos from my trip:

Passport, boarding card and flight info. Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2007
Passport, boarding card and flight info.
Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2007

My wonderful breakfast/lunch, chickpea masala in pita bread and salad. Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2007
My wonderful breakfast/lunch, chickpea masala in pita bread and salad. *drool* Nice and spicy!
Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2007
The sign at Camel & Artichoke. Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2007
BookCrossing at Waterloo.
Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2007
OBCZ at Camel & Artichoke. Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2007
OBCZ at Camel & Artichoke.
Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2007
A woman in a hotel room with a black t-shirt. Her hair is blonde with green parts.
Had a bit of a rest at the hotel before I went to Camden. Where I didn’t do much…
Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2007

Old buildings of wood. Painted black and white.
Jumped off the tube at a random station, and had a walk… Pretty building!
Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2007