The Walking Dead, by Robert Kirkman

I just read volume 14 of the Walking Dead comic books by Robert Kirkman, No way out. As usual, it ends with a cliff hanger, and I will have to wait until the next volume is published. This is the sort of comic books I find easily addictive: Once I’ve started reading, I can hardly put it down.

Normally, zombies aren’t really my cup of tea. However, the Walking Dead aren’t really about the zombies. Yes, the zombies, or roamers, are there, but what’s it’s really about are people. People’s reactions, their feelings, and how they cope under extreme circumstances.

The artwork is brilliant too. There’s so much to read from the illustrations, they express a whole lot more than a lot of other comic books. And to be honest – I find it harder to like comics with crap artwork than the one with really good one.

So, if you really like good comic books, I highly recommend the Walking Dead: It’s one of the best comics written today, in my opinion.

The Walking Dead

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