I was gifted tomato plants

So a week ago, I was out weeding my flower beds in the front of the house, and as I went to get a bag for the weeds in the garage, I ran into one of our neighbours. She was kind enough to offer me a couple of tomato plants, and of course I accepted. It only took a couple of minutes to go inside and get two plants for me, ant they are currently growing in my windowsill, waiting to be big enough to be re-potted.

Two green tomato plants in front of a window.
21 April 2024
Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2024

The tomato plants are of the type Tiny Tim, a sort of cocktail tomatoes. The plants normally doesn’t get more than maybe half a meter high. I must admit I first thought about having them outside in the garden, but after reading about them, I think they’ll be better off on the balcony.

This year I’m very behind on growing anything, so I’m hoping maybe next year, I’ll be able to sow more stuff. I really need to read and learn more about it. This year I need to focus on what’s already there, though, as well as renovating the room I’m making into a library…

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