Airlie Beach, Australia

First: I forgot to tell you in my last entry that we stopped at Australia Zoo on our way to Noosa. Saw some really cute koalas, among other animals. (Yeah, that’s Steve (The Crocodile Hunter)’s Zoo). I simply love koalas!

We arrived here in Airlie Beach 2 January, about seven-ish. 3 January, in the morning, we went on a sail trip to the Whitsunday Islands (a group of islands in the Great Barrier Reef). I had my first ever scuba dive on Thursday. It was a bit scary, but I would definitively try it again. I also did snorkelling for the first time in my life. I love snorkelling, and I will take it up back home. I know it will be very different, but still.

The snorkelling today was amazing. The corals were very close to the bach we were left, and the minute we started snorkelling we could see beautiful fishes! I don’t even know the names of most of the fishes we saw – they were all colourful. I know the name of one really beautiful one – the Fox-faced Rabbit Fish. I felt as if we were in an aquarium. The corals were beautiful too, and we saw a large, blue clam – it was fantastic!

I am still dreaming of becoming a certified diver. I hope to take a course in Norway at some point. I love the under water life!