Surfers Paradise, Australia

First time on a PC since we left Sydney…

Yule Eve

We drove up from Sydney to Newcastle in the morning, and arrived around one. It was very hot and humid. We had a room at a pub. Not a three star hotel. There was only a fan, no air conditioning, and the room was quite small. H and I went down to the beach, but it was very windy, so we gave up, and after a walk, we went back to the pub room. In the afternoon, we went to have a drink (or more) in the pub. It was nice. We then went to have dinner to celebrate Yule Eve. Unfortunately, my meal was not very good. 🙁 Then we went back, and went to sleep.

25 December

We got up fairly early to head north. We drove most of the day. We entered an area where there had been a bush fire. Then, short after, we drove through an area where it was still burning! Then, we were stopped by the police, and told to turn around, as we had to take an other road north. The Pacific was closed due to the bush fire. Finally, we reached Ballina, where we stayed overnight.

26 December

We arrived in Byron Bay before noon, and had breakfast at a café there. After that, I went shopping on my own. I bought a couple of neat thingies, and after I had been to almost every shop there (at least it felt that way), I managed to find the others at the beach. It was cloudy, but still very hot. I went bathing in the ocean, which was wonderful.

After a visit to the light house in Byron Bay, we headed to Nimbin. Nimbin was an interesting place, where you could small the pot all over town.

We arrived in Surfers Paradise in the evening. This is the city where H’s sister normally lives, and where she studies. We had dinner at a nice restaurant, before we went to the Motel and fell asleep.

27 December

I haven’t been doing much today. We had breakfast at a nice place, and then I went browsing some shops. I then felt a bit ill, and went back to the motel, where I wrote a few postcards. After a while, I felt horrible, and had to go to the toilet. I even threw up. I don’t know what that was all about. I feel much better now, but still not well. I have been having problems with my stomach since we came to Australia. I hope it’ll pass soon.

That pretty much sums up what I have been doing the last days. More to come about my trip later…