My first yoga inspired tattoo

1 November 2019 I got my very first yoga inspired tattoo. I absolutely love the works by the tattoo artist Vincent Jacobs, and since he was visiting Oslo, I bookes an appintment with him. Not only was this my first yoga inspired tattoo, but it was also my first tattoo that was not dot work!

The tattoo on my underarm.
Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2019

So, what does this tattoo mean? It’s pretty simple: Breathe. This ancient Sanskrit symbol is a beautiful reminder to do what comes naturally. It’s the first thing we do when we come into this world and the last thing we do when we leave it. The tattoo is placed in a space easy for me to see, and it can remind me to breathe.

So you have a yoga inspired tattoo? If you do, what is it?


My first proper meeting with yoga was in 2008. It wasn’t very long after the car accident I was in that summer, and my body wasn’t wholly healed. To be honest with you, the meeting wasn’t at all pleasing. I went to a yoga class at the gym I attended at the time. I don’t really know what I was thinking, I managed to arrive pretty much as the class started, and felt as I was the only one there that had never done any yoga before. That, added to the pain I was still in, didn’t make a wonderful meeting.

Some time later I decided to try yoga again, much thanks to a friend of mine. I was living up north in Hammerfest at the time, and she’d done a course about teaching yoga. Because of her yoga interest, she managed to get a yogi coming from Oslo to teach yoga for a week end. This time, yoga was a whole different story, and I’ve loved it since.

Even though I’ve been yoga for a few years now, I still feel very much like a beginner. I would love to take more yoga classes, and I even went to classes at Satya Yoga here in Sandnes, but even though the teachers were good and I enjoyed it, they do Iyengar Yoga, and used a lot of props. I do see the usefulness of them, but I felt I lost the flow you normally get from Hatha Yoga.

Not long ago, I passed a new yoga centre in Sandnes though. It’s called Atha Yoga, and according to their website, they do different sorts of yoga. Having looked at their Sandnes schedule, they seem to be doing mostly Jivamukti Yoga. I must admit I’m intrigued! I’ve never tried Jivamukti Yoga before, and am planning on trying it!

I love foing yoga. It feels good on so many levels. Especially my body is happy when I’ve done a round on the yoga mat. But I feel good afterwards, all-in-all.


Photo © 2014
Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)
Photo © 2014