Travelling to Rome

I left home at 11 yesterday, and headed to to airport. The travel from home to the airport of Rome wasn’t very eventfull. I had access to the SAS lounge at Oslo airport, so I had lunch there. I was fortunate enough to get plenty of sparkling water, vegan carrot and coriander soup (very tasty), and was able to relax before my last flight.

The flight from Oslo to Rome went well. A bit of turbulence at times, but not horrible. And after a bit I was able to have the whole three seats in my row by myself, as the row in front was empty, and the other two passengers moved there. Win-win!

I spent my flight mainly reading and looking out the window. Flying over the the Alps was quite spectacular, but it was also nice to see all the fields and cities. However, as said, most of the time was spent with my nose in my book.

Getting from the airport to the hotel was somthing I had expected to take maybe an hour. Boy, was I wrong! First I had to find the train station, which I first didn’t know where was. When I finally found it (after a lot of walking around), I needed a ticket. The lady behind the counter could have used a smiling course, she was really sour and seemed annoyed I didn’t knew Italian. Dear Italians, Italians isn’t a world language. English is. But I finally got a ticket, hurried to the platform, and the train just left as I tried to press the button on the door! Accurding to the website, another train were to leave shortly after. Not so. I had to wait for almost an hour, and when the train finally left, it was delayed.

I had to change to a tram after a while, which was actually surprisingly easy. However, the tram seemed very old, and there were absolutely no announcements. I ended up taking the tram too far, having to turn around and go back to the correct stop. At least I finally got off the right stop, then headed in the direction of the hotel. Yet again, I went too far, and got lost, but a very helful young man working at a restaurant managed to point me in the right direction, and after a while I finally managed to find my hotel.

Checking in went smoothly, and the guy at the desk was very helpful. My small single room wasn’t as nice as I had expected from a four star hotel (I should have known, it was very cheap). But the bathroom was nice, which was a huge plus, and clean. And the room is airconditioned.

I didn’t go out for dinner, as I was just too tired. I picked up a bottle of fizzy water, as I was thirsty after all the ordeal of getting to the hotel (it took me over three hours after we landed!) But I crept into bed, and it didn’t take too long before I fell asleep…

The Alps seen from above, covered by a few clouds.
The Alps.
Photo: Mittens and Sunglasses © 2016

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